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A Woman of Purpose: Secure In Faith Through Difficult Times

Emotions are often the driving force behind our decisions, and in difficult times emotions run high. In 'A Woman of Purpose', Evans empowers readers with poetic works that whisper to the soul. Her poetry reads like an invitation to you; an innerstanding expressed through thought, word and innovative actions that flip the script on negativity to maintain connections and hope in difficult time


A Glimmer of Hope for Willie by Benjamin Thomas & Arkay Evans

Willie finds out he is going to have a little sister. He is so happy he decides to get her a gift. Under a leaky pipe, Willie finds a thin and discolored butter cup. The reflection in the water appears to be a Glimmer of light and Willie has to get it for her. Before he can give it, he falls and the water sprays on his lower leaves and become frail and thin. Three days later poor Willie is still weak and it seems worse. Godfrey decides to ask the Order of the Daffodils for help. Only thing is, the order won’t take Godfrey along to fix the problem. They will take his little daughter though. In this delightful story we find that even the littlest flower might be able to become a hero and we also find that even humans don’t want to believe their own eyes.


Christians Under Construction: Excuse the Mess, God's Work Is in Progress

Every once in awhile, a writer comes alive with truths that hit the nail on the head, and that is what Arkay Evans does in her first poetry novel, Christians Under Construction. Christians Under Construction is an easy read that takes a meaningful look at humanity with the compassion that helps hurting people heal, and grow in faith. The strength found in CUC uses faith tools to encourage peace of mind while tackling the challenges of everyday life. The poetic narratives and short stories in Evans’ literary debut question religious legalism, acknowledge the human experience, and tackle fallacies of perfection to help people of all faiths develop the positive character traits known to build and maintain a strong work ethic, positive relationships and personal integrity based upon the Good we believe in. Evans believes that when success is determined by the things we get as opposed to the obstacles we overcome, the joy is temporary at best. In this illuminating book, she encourages us all to focus and learn “who we are in faith”, and inspires us to develop faith tools that bring us lasting joy through the choices we make each day.



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Like Chocolate Do by Arkay Evans

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